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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: kanade ai
Kanji Title: 奏であい
English Title: Playing Together

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi作詞・作曲:太志

Taking a peek at the limited future on the way to my endless dreams
I saw that the one smiling next to you was not me, but someone else
I arrived at the small park that we found together
On that day we were on a swing, and got close to the sky

We're so alike; Wanting to be caught, we run away
After almost losing it, I know that I don't want to lose it for the first time

If you don't understand me then I'll be disheartened and will stop trying to understand you
Like following along on a keyboard with awkward fingers, we'll softly
Play it together, the future that no one knows

So many funny stories and words of love that I missed my chance to say
On the way home that the westering sun colors, I always stop by the cheap candy store
We buy different flavors of ice candy, and switch
You want my flavor, and I want yours

When we hug each other and form a circle, I'm scared that you'll leave
I kiss you in order to run away from this dry reality

Even if I don't wish for what's next, the wind will turn the page while I'm standing still
My happiness is not limited only to your own
When playing together weren't we just too different?

If even dissonance was loved, then we definitely could have been together forever
I wonder if I'll forget about the lovable behavior of you
Who would get embarrassed and push your bangs, cut too short, with your right hand

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