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Suzuki Ami

Romaji Title: THe WeekeND
Kanji Title: THe WeekeND
English Title: THe WeekeND

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : RAM RIDER
Music : Sachiko Shimada
作曲:Sachiko Shimada

This song features CAPTAIN FUNK (Ooe Tatsuya).

Today's ring tones arrive on my cellphone, make merry
In fashion town I wave at the sparkling people that I head toward
In an ideal shark style
I'll decide that tonight will sway like it's hit by a wave

Invite someone along, and everybody hop in in a cute way

If you're feeling down then head toward a dancing road today too
If you're complaining about your job, let's go up to town
A black dress is boring
So I'm expecting something new, I can't stop still

Night turns to day
Where away? Where start up?
While I'm flying night

I was waiting tonight too, with a shiny make that took some time
I was waiting for so long, please pick me up on Friday night
If you don't have fun then there's no meaning
I want to go crazy until morning, we are hurry up!

Invite everyone along, feeling the rhythm

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