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Romaji Title: na nashi no kenkou
Kanji Title: 名なしの犬公
English Title: Nameless Dog

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Abe Kousei

A cold drizzle is pounding on my back
A taxi driver honks for the second time
An indoor pedigree passed by
Looked at me, and winked
"Mommy! I want that one!"
A Rolex on the wrist of a demanding kid

"Now and back then the real thing has always been just out of reach"
A tiny little old dog preached at me
My vague response immediately blurs
A stagnate sensitivity
I'm gonna wake up!

Hey! Run, run; Take your imagination back from those guys
Hey, when you look up at a tall building, the full moon
Is a really, really red color
Are my eyes nothing but red?

Lying sprawled out in a dark parking lot
An echoing moody ballad is so relaxing, isn't it?
I haven't forgotten about you once
That stingy attitude is my weakness

Hey! How, howl; I'll protect that presence from them
Yeah, the burning morning burned my name up in flames
You! I'm a nameless dog, see you later

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