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NICO Touches the Walls

Romaji Title: Etranger
Kanji Title: エトランジェ
English Title: Etranger

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Tatsuya Mitsumura作詞・作曲:Tatsuya Mitsumura

Blowing in the wind, where are you looking to?
Not even a single scar is found in the window
The sky suddenly darkened

The blue minature garden stained with rust outside
With a half-asleep look on my face, I was just quietly staring at it
Why was it so old looking?

I couldn't defy the magic of time

Telling you to not go any further away than that
The days that we spent together seem to entertwine
The melody from when we were young
Even now I can't forget it

In this city gone astray, the wind just sings
Laughing through my nose at the past blurred with tears
The sky ran away so that
My damp heart could not be enlightened

Nestled closely to the magic of time
I can't find you anymore
I tried reaching out my hand
Until it seemed like it was being torn off

So much that you would always want more than that
Dreams passed by before your eyes
In a corner of the city
A small chamomile is swaying

One day, when it feels like my heart is broken
Let me hear that song once again
Just a little bit further 'till the city that's ahead in the heat haze

Telling you to not go any further away than that
I hold you who are trembling
I who wander about will become a wind that will not disappear
I'll wait for tomorrow

In this city gone astray, the wind just sings
I just want to dream in this city that seems to sleep

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