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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: hachimitsu ~Daddy, Daddy~
Kanji Title: ハチミツ 〜Daddy,Daddy〜
English Title: Honey ~Daddy, Daddy~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Futoshi
Music : Daisuke & Futoshi

In grade school didn't I make my papa laugh by spilling
The honey bin that was up on the second highest shelf in the cupboard?

Just what is it that I should treasure during each and every continually busy day?
I had no idea
With feigned strength coming from a complex, I overreached
What exactly is victory or defeat in life?
Coming back from work and sinking into bed as is
Just falling asleep without seeing the one that I love
In order to be an accepted adult
I had to try harder
But in my heart I was short on breath

The honey colored morning brings a gentle wind with it
I felt like I was being told "You don't have to be perfect"

In times when everything goes right and in times when nothing goes right
It feels unnatural to stop moving
Everyone has their reasons for tears
To someone else they are very small things
In my head I always thought that if it's expensive then it's good
So I've missed out on so much scenery
Feeling just like I normally do, the sun rises and sets
Be grateful for that normality
Thank you

Trying to put a price tag on that evening
If it were to be expensive then people would finally
Appreciation it's wonder

Words shine brightly in the transparent night sky
My tired heart rode on a midnight merry-go-round
"Time will stand still, so rest you tired wings, rest them
Because you will fly again"

The honey colored morning brings a gentle wind with it
A message brushes my cheek saying "You don't have to be cool"
It's a message from heaven

I'm different from when I was in grade school now; I can get the
Honey bin on the top shelf now without spilling it

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