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Fukui Mai

Romaji Title: My Song For You
Kanji Title: My Song For You
English Title: My Song For You

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Maifukui作詩・作曲:Maifukui

I thought about you and cried today too
We sat here and laughed, shouted and talked, didn't we?
If you're looking down at me from that distant blue sky
You're probably smiling at me making futile efforts

Half the time that I was with you I was sad
Even though in the end
I would always end up smiling
And now...

I can't see you
And that's terrible
My tears won't stop
Feeling the rain that pours violently down on me
I just sing
Here's my song for you

I finally left the town that you lived in
I'm going to try my best to make the dreams that we talked about come true
If I lose out to myself, then please
Use the magic words
You're so good at using, just like you always do

When I'm happy about something
You're the first person I tell about it
Because that smile of yours when you're so innocently having fun
Multiplies my happiness by 100

I can't see you
And that's terrible
My tears won't stop
But I won't just do nothing but cry
So that it will reach you
I'll sing to the sky
Here's my song for you

I don't want to lose out to sadness, absolutely not
I have a dream of my own
The dreams that we talked about on that day
Have become a promise that I've made to myself
And they make me stronger

Even if I can't see you
Even if I can't touch you
My heart will be connected to you forever
I only have one life
And all I have now is the moment
So I'm going to live my life smiling, in my own unique way

I love you too
Since meeting you for the first time
Every day has been fun, so thank you
I miss you very, very, very much
How are you doing?
I'm doing alright, still
And I'm gonna be alright today

Until the day we meet again...

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