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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: One
Kanji Title: One
English Title: One

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi作詩・作曲:太志

When I close my eyes I can see a single light
I want to try living my life for that single thing, like a yellow flower that blooms in August

I go walking on a Sunday and greenery is on both sides of my field of vision; A white airplane crosses the blue sky
It's a frame less picture that god has drawn, the way to see it all depends on your heart
We're angels through and through, but we're not demons; We're people, therefore
Weakness, sadness that does not dry, resentment and anxiety put a filter over the scenery

Everyone wants to be valued, but doesn't attempt to value anyone themselves
Someone says that morning will come, but night sure is long; It's still a little scary, so

Just one is fine, I don't need a bunch
Something important is shining a little bit at your side
I'm fine along, I don't need to be in a crowd
I want to be strong so I can be all alone; That's love

A great smile and proud look, like on the day that I rode a bike for the first time
Are they things reserved only for days of youth? That's not true
Though the number of sighs I let out have really increased

Back then I didn't feel the bittersweet reality
I want to be connected to it with something other than the sadness from before

There are so many smiles, each of them is so wonderful
In order to make multicolored flowers into one bouquet
One day for sure would be fine, in the distance future would be fine
So that the two of us who are separated can be connected by a smile

Doing it as I make mistakes is fine, it's better than running away
Being happy and sometimes turning around; With that the passing days will be deeply significant
Just one is fine, it's all connected
When you know importance everything will, you see...change color

When I close my eyes I can see a single light
I want to try living my life for that single thing
Like a yellow flower that blooms in August

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