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Romaji Title: ila.
Kanji Title: ila.
English Title: ila.

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Ryo
Music : Kei

We are an old watch; The bright stars play a song
Backs toward one another, we head down our individual roads home, together with the tears
Face down is rain, and face up is tomorrow
Harshly, we've missed each other and parted; Don't look back, the dice have already been cast

Why isn't there even a single bit of happiness? I alone wish for the seasons, for a second coming of happiness
It's for the days in which time just shed water to turn into the past
Why do I have but a single happiness? I alone give praise to the seasons, with labored words
Alright, let's go; Out of style songs of happiness that I alone knew of piled up and piled up that my exhausted devotion will get just a little bit easier that the cut off distance between us will get just a little bit shorter

It's right here
It's everywhere
Living the moment
The days accumulate happiness

Praise dances about in these days, so spontaneously
Everyone plays a song, they play the trees
Praise dances about in these days, so spontaneously
Trusting in the wind, playing out the sounds that the devotion that I dreamed of can feel a little bit more at ease that the limited time that we have together will calm down just a little

Yet when we come to a dead end, let's look at tomorrow
And let their be a small strength in it

There still aren't any; In the era in which the future and tomorrow are, hey, advance peacefully and tremble
There still aren't any; At least head peacefully to a new future and era

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