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Romaji Title: tabidachi no uta
Kanji Title: 旅ダチノウタ
English Title: Journey Song

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : leonn
Music : Komorita Minoru

I wonder if I walked back then
Like I had imagined in my heart
If I suddenly stop and look back
Footprints continue on to this place

Dreams that were too simple and tears from one day
They're definitely for the sake of today's journey, woh...

Just say so long, I won't forget that everything began
From this place on that day
Just say so long, I'm gazing without saying anything
If I were to put my feelings into words, it seems like they would overflow

In order to not lose out to myself on that day
I wonder if I can really start walking?
Saying that it's not the end, it's the beginning
I looked up to the sky that continued off far away

Even yesterday, on which I chose a new future
Now everything from here on out will become a memory, woh...

Just say so long, I won't forget your smile
No matter how far away we may be, you're not alone
Just say so long, we'll definitely meet here again
Just like the first time we met

Hey, how many years have passed!? We met for the first time and laughed together
It wasn't just all fun, but
I'm glad things turned out that way, but
Something is right! Something is wrong
In order to find out which is which, I'll move on to tomorrow
I won't say "wait"
I don't have the time to be stopping
Take a look, I'm giving it my best
Jump in my memories and holla back from here!

The warmth of your hand that gave me a push on the back
I'll always continue walking on in my heart, woh...

Just say so long, I won't ever, ever forget
Even though the seasons change, it doesn't fade
Just say so long, thank you still isn't enough
Putting my feelings into song now, I'll send them to you

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