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Romaji Title: eisa
Kanji Title: えいさ
English Title: That's Right

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hitoto You
Music : Yamamoto Kentarou

It should be noted that many of the lyrics in this song are feminine (possibly because they were written by Hitoto You): "wa" as a particle at the end of several lines, referring to oneself as "atashi" instead of "watashi", etc. This gives the impression that the "person singing this song" is a woman. And no, I am not trying to say that Jero is a woman. The word "sugamori" appearing in the first line of the song is more than just "water freezing on the edge of a roof". It's more like the process of snow that has fallen on top of a house melts due to heat from inside of the home and heat from the sun, and the water runs down and freezes on the edge of the house, acting as a dam. That being said, what does this have to do with the rest of the line that it appears in? Heck if I know! The line sounds pretty odd to me too. I've read different opinions on just what "eisa" means. The one that seems the most reliable to me is one that describes it as being the equivalent of "sou da ne", or "that's right" (an agreement). The author of the Japanese blog post that I read detailing this did not know what dialect it was from, so this is all of the detail that I can provide.

sugamori no ukina no hitorigurashi
anata no koe, nioi, anata no uso
ai wa owaremasu ka
hitori de ni
kaisatsu de ite tsuru da wa
koe kakerarenu samishi sa ni taete imasu
mijirogi mo dekinai no atashi baka ne
eee...eisa tobitatte oyuki

"genzai tsukawarete orimasen" ga
dokoka tooku de ano hototogizu ni
anata yobidasarete iru no deshou
hagureta te wo atatamete
oikakerarenu kuyashi sa ni tatete imasu
enryo gachi no atashi ja yakudatazu ne
eee...eisa shiawase ni onari

uso tsuite made hoshikatta mono ga atta wa
itaku naru hodo dakishimerare
koe kakerarenu samshi sa ni taete imasu
mijirogi mo dekinai no atashi baka ne
eee...eisa tobitatte oyuki

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