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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: STAY GOLD
Kanji Title: STAY GOLD
English Title: STAY GOLD

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi作詩・作曲:太志

How many tears have you wiped away with the back of your hand?
As a person, you're given a proper amount of weakness
Each of us have different scenery beneath our eyelids
So it's alright that we're all different, yet alike in some ways

Being cunning, being gentle, wanting to turn around and face someone, not being able to cast aside our dreams

Like a bird passing through the sky, like the wind shaking the flowers: That's what a person loving another person is like
Like the sun rising and setting, like the waves gathering and returning
We scream our love out over and over again

As I was engrossed in deep thought, my ice cream melted
I'm going to break the things that are here now, for the sake of tomorrow
All I'm doing is just staring at broken plates
There isn't a single thing that I can do right now, for the sake of my mistakes

Repeating light and shadow, without changing its speed, the world asks us

I made this mountain that blocks my path from piling up excuses
So I can't blame it on anyone
We say that we want to be strong, but we won't actually do what it takes to be strong; We'll stay the same
I wonder if that's alright?

The drooping flag met the blue wind, and fluttered proudly
I remembered the meaning that exists here

If we hold hands, one day the day will come to let go
Yet, yet, we haven't had enough
Like the sun rising and setting, like the waves gathering and returning
Over and over again, our love...
Like the flag that hovers over that hill where the wind blows
You should sing your song
Like straining my voice right now, shouting that common sense is hidden in the sky
I'm going to keep on singing my song too

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