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Romaji Title: Rusty lance
Kanji Title: Rusty lance
English Title: Rusty lance

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Akeboshi, Bun Onoe
Music : Akeboshi, Yass
作詩:Akeboshi・Bun Onoe

I called you so many times, I knocked on your door at night
Unable to even grasp that you're not here
Today passed by as well

Walking down an alley in the town you grew up in
I got on the slide that you say you used to play on a lot
And was waiting for the sun set

Appearing just like the moon
You shined on the loneliness in my heart

I'll be down, I'll be up. (To what extent did we)
We'll be wrong, we'll be right. (Understand one another?)

Throwing myself down in the bushes
I was looking up at the sky

I was always listening to the sounds of
The clouds tearing apart

Did you invite me instead of saying goodbye?
Leave the dream-like times behind in the end, leave them with me

I'll be down, I'll be up. (Just what has connected us)
We'll be wrong, we'll be right. (Up until now?)

In the deep forest
A tree was burning

I was moved by it
I hurt you

In you, who are far away
A tree was burning

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