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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: utai sarishi hana
Kanji Title: うたい去りし花
English Title: A Flower That Sings and Goes Away

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi作詩・作曲:太志

I open the window and breathe the night in
Restringing my guitar, when I spin silver dreams
The ashen sadness piles up at my feet
Like pieces of thread, it's getting thick
People are stricken with agony, unable to even moderately love another
We don't know how to share, so we take from one another
Even though I want to be full of thanks
The apologies just keep multiplying

I wonder if I can't sleep because I want to sleep?
I wonder if I can't understand because I want to understand?
On the few days where things go the way I want them to
What color hopes should I throw?
I feel like it's only me, but in reality it's not only me
I realized that you're being hurt, and they're being hurt

Oh young and flapping light pink bud, I'm going to try and live my life mightily
Before I knew it, passing the time so that I won't get hurt
Has become my life's goal

So scared of rain that isn't coming that I hold up my umbrella, I'm such a coward
I turn my eyes away from that version of myself
Thrusting my pride made of metal plating
At the sun, I was pretending that it shined
Not wanting to recognize reality
I kept my distance; I threw that one piece of my ill-formed courage into the sky
To bring an end to those sort of labyrinth-like days
I put this sort of uncool resolution into this song

Oh shed wings, oh flower that sung and went away, I'm living my life mightily
The heart has all sorts of expressions, but it never forgets the smile
Since you say that they overflow even if you wipe them away, I'll keep running as I am
Even if you collapse, please communicate your love
That's the way you taught me to do things

Living, that is to say
Running, standing still, being crushed and thinking that you can't go on
Blaming it on someone, it not just being a beautiful sadness
Complaining without making an effort
Saying you'll start doing it tomorrow, and not doing it
Narrowing it down to one wish, and doing it after all
Everyone has big and small difficulties that they worry about
Having troubles, being at a loss as to what to do if you're hated
Not really being loved yourself even though you love someone
Communicating, not communicating, having no choice but to do it even though things won't go well

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