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Romaji Title: Lightning
Kanji Title: Lightning
English Title: Lightning

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Horie Atsushi作詩・作曲:ホリエアツシ

Just by you not being here
Nothing else will change
The stars don't shine
Just for tonight, it's like a vacation
It was like the cracked screen
Of an old TV that was thrown away
The hole that opened in my heart
What will I fill it with? What should I fill it with?

I want to live
With flames that will never go out
Even if I lose my flesh, I'll have these memories

If you were here
I wouldn't want anything else
My watch is soundless
I want to sleep a little
I should sleep

Take a breath
With a magic that will never wear off
Reach your hand into that substance less sky

Strike me with lightning
Then I could come back to your world

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