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Romaji Title: I LOVE YOU wo sagashiteru
Kanji Title: I LOVE YOUをさがしてる
English Title: Searching For I Love YOu
Drama: Dageki Tenshi Ruri Ending

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : TAKURO作詩・作曲:TAKURO

This was the ending song to the drama "Dageki Tenshi Ruri".

"The love that I felt up until yesterday has suddenly turned into hate
Is that selfish, I wonder?" You asked
"Yeah, that definitely happens all the time"
I said, without anything to support it

No matter how many times I've lined up some beautiful words for past goodbyes, people can never take them in
We, who have had those sorts of experiences, fall asleep holding each other
Loving is dependent upon a promise that has no guarantees

When you suddenly say I love you
It may be heard as a lie
But I'm in love with you who are here before my eyes, and for my entire life I'll never forget it

In place of I love you
I searched for some words, and was always gazing up at the sky
Until the day that you find them, or even if you didn't
I'm searching for you

"Will you give me a kiss tomorrow, not treasuring today?"
I'm lost in that poetic expression
On the day that you began living with me out of a single suitcase
My life changed with a spring storm

Lined up on a backstreet, flowers that truly suited you believing in
"Leaving love as it is", but being unable to accept it, were crying; Getting through the night now
You carry more kindness with you than anyone, and will become a wonderful person

Trust me with your smiles and tears

When you suddenly say I love you
It may be heard as a lie
Back then I was in love, and it's one that I'll never forget for my entire life
I love you, I love you, I love you
I'm always searching for the meaning of it
Until the day that I find it, or even if I didn't
I'll continue searching for you
I love you

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