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Romaji Title: tamashii no uta
Kanji Title: 魂の歌
English Title: A Song of the Soul

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A cold wind that passed through
The bottom of the light sweeps over my cheek
A drop of the melted darkness
Quivers silently

Time runs out
Soon even the infinite moon will wane
A lost heart
Casts a shadow on this world

Why are you going?
Though I search for one amongst the fighting
I don't find an answer

Sadness has confined my feelings
Into the sword
I'm going to keep holding onto them

At least just for now
Let me hear
A song of the soul

Silver fish scales shine increasingly
Casting everything aside for a smile
Carrying pain, I can't see what's ahead
I head to the ground that he travels to

Passing through time
On that day that I happened across you
It was promised

I release
A sacred strength

I definitely won't lose my way anymore
I continue to carve out the nail of fate
That form that I was searching for
Seems to be something that I'll never forget

I can hear the sounds of the vibrating strings
A song of the soul

Why are you going?

At least just for now let me hear
A song of the soul

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