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Romaji Title: ZERO
Kanji Title: ZERO
English Title: ZERO
Anime: World Destruction Opening

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Arika Takarano
Rap Lyrics : Mitsuhiro Hidaka
Music : Nao Tanaka
作詩:Arika Takarano
Rap詞:Mitsuhiro Hidaka
作曲:Nao Tanaka

This was the opening theme song to the anime "World Destruction". "zaramashi" is a negative verb ending that is not often heard. It's very archaic, and fell out of use in the Japanese language some time ago.

When you're dazzled by the sun, you probably know the limits of its light
Memories of stardust, what a small universe I'm living in

Won't somebody teach me the code that starts with zero?
The confusion increases, a colony dies inside of a box

Fire off your fleeting dreams, self-destruct the loneliness
Even if the future at our fingertips is a catastrophe
I'm not afraid, alright

I light a flame in the darkness, but I can't see the bottom of it
Jump over the cultivated bodies, a captive beast

If I can call the drops that overflow from you love
Wetting my eyelids, the realism of the same act

Scooping out my shallow heart, I won't bury the world
I take a step into the days of the past so that won't stay in one place
I haven't woken up yet

Licking our wounds, we overlapped one another
That pain is now something dear to me

Even love that my atypical attitude entwines itself around wants to feel a definite body heat
Taking a step forward now, cheer up my stupid body
I'm not interested in laughing at graces that even weight has abandoned
If the future that pain refined is a light, then I'll hold onto that light and smile

Fire off your fleeting dreams, self-destruct the loneliness
No matter what kind of sacrifices are in the future at our fingertips
Communicate with the heart that's in your chest
Go far away with a step into the days of the past
But you deserve to be loved, ahh

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