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The Alfee

Romaji Title: hoshizora no distance
Kanji Title: 星空のディスタンス
English Title: The Starry Sky's Distance
Drama: mujaki na kankei Ending

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Takamizawa Toshihiko & Takahashi Ken
Music : Takamizawa Toshihiko

This was the ending theme song to the 1984 TV drama "mujaki na kankei".

A fierce wind now flutters in my heart
Was "goodbye" just a one time mistake?

Even if we're 500 miles apart
The night will come, and our hearts will search for each other again
The distance beneath the starry sky
Flare up! Love's resistance
Getting through the interrupted night
Once again, into my heart
Baby come back!

Looking up at Cassiopeia, I talk about my dreams
I won't forget your eyes from back then
The distance beneath the starry sky
Break through! Love's resistance
Getting through the interrupted night
I have one wish
Baby come back!

Five hundred miles, I'm too far away from you
The pain of not being able to see you, ahh

Is that your voice grazing my ears?
Feelings of crying and screaming build
Wow wow, heading toward the fiercely blowing wind
Run to that town! Let this love hurry along
Baby come back!

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