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Romaji Title: zenkyouzen
Kanji Title: 前狂言
English Title: Before the Play

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : HIRON作詞・作曲:HIRON

Clown's speech:
"Alright, have I kept you waiting, everyone? I'm going to show you something now that you can only see here, an unusual individual...well no, (Perhaps you may all be the unusual ones) but do you have "complaints" about those sorts of people? If so, then let's share them. I'm telling all of you who are boring me that I'm going to show you; Oh well, though we have the time, it's a very difficult experiment to talk about. (Of course he has no plans to "complain"...but that doesn't matter.)

Actually, if you go elsewhere, there are no such things as tragedy and comedy. Long ago a great Frenchman said that there is a paper-thin difference between solemnity and humor, but everyone, don't you think that those words hold truth? I'm able to say the same thing to you here.

Anyway, please enjoy yourselves. Music will be provided for your enjoyment. As for the music, it won't be of any particular use to you, but I've prepared a short piece that's full of feeling. Because you are very sensitive people, you surely see my insignificant intentions. (Although this is a rhetoric known as irony, but...)

Ahh, well excuse me. I am but a humble clown that has absolutely nothing to do with any unusual individuals"

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