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DJ Ozma

Romaji Title: junjou ~sunjeong~
Kanji Title: 純情〜スンジョン〜
English Title: Innocence

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Joon-Young Choi & DJ OZMA
Music : Joon-Young Choi
作詩:Joon-Young Choi・DJ OZMA
作曲:Joon-Young Choi

This is a cover of a song by Korean dance group Coyote. The original title of the song was "sunjeong", and it has the same meaning as the Japanese title does when translated into English.

It's disco time, baby
It's a clear night
How y'all feel tonight?
Alright, let's get it on wit some new wave,
trance if you're ready to groove
Let me hear you say, yeah
One Two Three Go!

You said "I love you" in a hoarse sigh-like voice
It feels like I'm drowning in the water tank of a dark night; Yo! Baby! What did you say?
That was selfish, I saw your silver Mercedes off
Those half-hearted narcissists will hold you just like anyone else
Because you're you, you need me; Anyway, that's how it's been since the beginning
A rose knows a rose, you're sublime and beautiful...

Only you
I can't leave
If you snooze, you lose
Goodbye innocence
I can never go back again

Get down and find yo cutie,
Jump around, shake yo booty
I've always, no, been your toy
Why me? Innocence, now hit me
Heart breakin, love rackin
Now you packin a heart that's solid gold
Yeah! I want to cry a little bit
Don't wanna let you go!

Alright, hey boy, come here
Being innocent all the time is so unbecoming
After telling you everything, it feels like I'm losing out to loneliness
I won't seek you out
I'll make you want me; Hey I love you all night long...

Only you
I can't leave
If you snooze, you lose
Goodbye innocence
I can never go back again

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