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Romaji Title: Special Thanks
Kanji Title: Special Thanks
English Title: Special Thanks

English CreditsKanji Credits
Written & composed by TAKURO
written & composed by TAKURO

I love the lyrics to this song, kupo! Many thought this single was a weak release from Glay, but I still think this stands as one of their best songs lyrically. The only odd thing in this song was the line "be back in your eyes". It doesn't really flow into the previous line of the song, so it's just an independent thought that's badly expressed in English, kupo.
The video to this is pretty interesting as well, check it out!

I can't return to the summer beyond the road,
Lost in a daze as I violently shake
Without even trying to wipe the flowing sweat away, we embraced
The heat of my skin that runs through mid summer, never cooling off

A fragrant wind suddenly brushes a weary traveler,
The sudden rain avoided the two with no umbrella
Not being able to see the future one second ahead,
Frolicing in a sunny place, if your name was on my lips I was happy

The unexpected meeting, the first morning, the innocent freedom,
The smile after a kiss
Fleetingly composed, I think of them as the happiness of life

Awkward love blooms in the sunset, if I had said it to you more plainly
I would have been able to wipe away that single teardrop
With threads of gentleness

The days that I was with you are my treasures

The rumbling of the sea announces autumn, feeling the time
Everyone has unforgettable people on their maps of the past

Someday...I'll come back here one more time alone.
That's how I felt, be back in your eyes
It's as though something forgotten is still at that place,
In the tracks of my memories

If we can still meet somewhere behind the still unseen veil of the future
Before just standing around with longing memories,
We could love the way we are now

I can't return to the dream beyond the summer
The days that I was with you are my treasures

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