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Romaji Title: ao no sekai
Kanji Title: 蒼の世界
English Title: Blue World

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujimaki Ryouta作詩・作曲:藤巻亮太

A blue shadow, it got dark as it swayed in the light rain
I fell down into the mud, the autumn was fragrant
I can't laugh the same way I could when we first met

Whenever anyone looks up high in the sky
It's perfectly clear; Scooping up kindness from loneliness
Tears overflow from within a small warmth

With a far-away stretch, though the future that I looked up
Is a fragile one, I wonder if time will continue to pass?
In the autumn sky where the smoke coils

I don't know a place in this world as I am now
Shall we try and find one together?
Like a rainbow in the sky after the rain
In a season intensified by cold rain
At least we'll put up our umbrellas
A wet deciduous tree hides amidst the scrawny trees

The sky's waves became the wind and blew my hair
It made a patter on the rusted tin roof
As everyone rusts away, they are reborn

The future that I so skillfully drew in a diagram is far off
But my journey will probably continue on as the seasons loop

A saturated era, unfulfilled feelings
Rain falls in the forest of contradiction
I return to the earth amidst the fallen leaves of my heart
Smeared with mud, let's be reborn
As I listen to your breath
A deciduous tree loses its leaves and takes root in the future

Birds sway beneath the sun
Turning shadows creep along the ground
The autumn center of gravity, the circumference of these days
The dreams of fallen leaves that change color
In a world that was whittled down by the needle of a compass

I don't know a place in this world, once again
Shall we try and find one together?
I'll patiently wait for an unceasing rain, holding my breath
The infinite future, a second meeting
It's melted into the air
Joining quietly in happiness, amidst the falling leaves
Once the rain stops, signs of a rainbow will be there
Signs of a rainbow...

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