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Princess Princess

Romaji Title: GO AWAY BOY
Kanji Title: GO AWAY BOY
English Title: GO AWAY BOY

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nakayama Kanako作詩・作曲:中山加奈子

"Going by the manual" is the same thing as saying "doing things by the book". The Japanese basically just took that phrase and modified it slightly, though the meaning is the same.

Hey you, exploiting the weaknesses of me who has fallen for you, as you scatter love about freely
Pouring on the selfish goodbyes
Hey you, I'll give you a farewell with a tear-stained face as a return present

Your room, someone's picture postcard; I tore it up and threw it away at the third line
Right now, set me free silly baby

Go away boy, kindness is
Go away boy, a good quality
Go away boy, so go on and disappear so skillfully
That's what I'll say to your back; Bye bye love tonight

Hey you, your stupid pickup lines, putting on a silk ribbon
I'll give them all back to you
Hey you, I'm not so naive as to go by the manual

Your collection of phone numbers, re giving that ring to your new partner
You're so faithful, aren't you? Set me free silly baby

Go away boy, with a prideful
Go away boy, and lonely smile
Go away boy, your skillful comforting
I don't want to hear it; Bye bye love tonight

Go away boy, a guy who's not serious
Go away boy, can just get lost
Go away boy, even though I shouldn't be crying
Go away boy
Go away boy
Go away boy, tears
Are what I'll hurl at your back; Bye bye love tonight

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