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Tokyo Jihen

Romaji Title: gunjou biyori
Kanji Title: 群青日和
English Title: Ultramarine Weather

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shiina Ringo
Music : HzetoM

Shinjuku is one of Tokyo's 23 wards. Isetan is a department store that has its flagship store in Shinjuku. This song was featured in a TV commercial for Sanyo's au W21SA cellphone.

It's down pouring in Shinjuku
Where are you going?
Today Tokyo is turning blue with cold
I have no strategy
Where am I going?
My brain snatches away the drops of water and dries me

When I say "My feelings of wanting to cry are all standing in a row, bringing about rain in the winter"
You don't doubt me, and don't answer me with
"Lies are perfectly fine, and lots of contradictions are perfectly alright"
With "expensive free logic"
You say that a lie is a lie, and immediately have nothing to do with it

I'm putting on an act
You certainly must be too
We're avoiding each other
My interest is gushing forth
Waiting for the completion of a woman's seduction
You laugh and pretend to think nothing of it

At the point of collision where biting December and the breath of Isetan come together
The wind-chill temperature makes me remember you a little bit

Isn't there an answer?
I want to blame it on someone
Educate and scold me properly
It's down pouring in Shinjuku
Someone has come here
The Tokyo sun is burning blue

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