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Romaji Title: unmei no hito
Kanji Title: 運命のヒト
English Title: Fated One

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : ATSUSHI
Music : Hiroo Yamaguchi
作曲:Hiroo Yamaguchi

"I finally met you", I was slow in realizing this
Now that I'm grown up, it looks like we're getting along a little bit better

Up until now, I've fallen in love in my own way
But I suddenly realized at that moment that you're always on my mind

I want to feel these memories
Even though I know my wish won't come true
Right now, I'm only feeling one thing

I'm not in love with anyone else
Except for you, it's like I'm breaking apart
Right now we're on our seperate roads, but I'll accept it all

I wonder if it's alright to tell you? I don't know
I wonder if these feelings will come true? One day
I don't have the right to say that kind of thing

What are you thinking right now?...

What kind of words can I use to fix things now?
I wonder if you're already with a wonderful person somewhere?

I want to feel these feelings
Now, I'll open my heart
With all my fears and regrets

I've wanted to touch you so many times since then
I was closing my eyes on all of the sleepless nights
Right now I have no answers, and I don't want to make you sad

I want to feel this love so strong that I can't convey it, without turning my eyes away
I'll take any kind of words

What are you thinking right now?...

I love only you

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