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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: 1999 nen, natsu, Okinawa
Kanji Title: 1999年, 夏, 沖縄
English Title: 1999, Summer, Okinawa

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"Minmin" is the word that the Japanese use to describe the sounds made by cicadas.

When I went to Okinawa for the first time
The thing that for some reason I thought so sadly of
Is that it was like a miniature version of Japan
Because it was surrounded by America

Be that as it may, Okinawa in the summer of 94
Was so hot that it was like your T-shirt clinged to your body
I flung everything depressing off into the night ocean
Suitably, I fell in love two or three times
The cicadas sung with their minmin, minmin
Was it a song of delight? Or was it the blues from grief?
There's no way to know now, but we move ahead
Playing a song of laughing and crying, similar to the voices of the cicadas

I've walked through all sorts of cities, and met all sorts of people
I've said goodbye more times than I can count
And the thing I feel right now, the thing that I feel without hesitation
Ahh, it's that I want to love someone more and more

After starting to remember the taste of liquor
I've walked around drinking a lot of different things
And I've found the best liquor in the world
That's the liquor that you drink after working so frantically
The true nature of that which supported postwar Japan
I can somehow see right through to it these days
What are peace and freedom? What are country and family?
I'm thinking about these things, it's very unlike me

Leaving the place I was born, straying far from my dreams
Ahh, I wonder if I'll arrive somewhere
The face that's reflected in the window of the train that I'm riding again today
Yes, it's just a little worn out

I wonder if god does bestow his protection upon us?
Or is it science that does instead?
I wonder if it's uncouth to want to their to be an eternity?
I wonder if it's egotistical to wish for their to be an Almighty?

Time passes quickly, I'm already thirty
Ahh, what will I be able to say that I left behind?
Things that have changed and things that are still unchanged
Ahh, they're both full of good and evil

And it's Okinawa in the summer of 99
First off, our journey has again come to an end
I've drunk the world's best liquor
With those who I love and have loved me

When the last song ended and the sound stopped
Ahh, what was I thinking over there?
Sometimes the road that I've chosen is steep
We love and cry at the most trivial things

I walk through all sorts of cities, and meet all sorts of people
"It's all from here on out" I say, and that's true
But the thing that I feel right now, the one thing that I feel
Ahh, it's that I want to sing once again in this city, some day
Ahh, it's that I definitely want to sing again in that city
Ahh, and I want to let you hear this song

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