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Romaji Title: bokura dake no mirai
Kanji Title: 僕らだけの未来
English Title: Just Our Future

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : AZUKI Nana
Music : Nakamura Yuri

If I can be reborn, I want to see you soon
I didn't get to enough in the past

An elegant curtain drape
I dance in circles, it's a festive time
I'll continue on for all eternity

Just our future
I thought that I could see it sparkling like this
I want to run with you, until we reach the horizon
That's what's supporting me in my heart
Overflowing more than my memories
Moved by tomorrow
I want to shake now, never end

It's a conversation that I can't have with words
I am next to you, who is shining
Do as you please
If there's no love, it doesn't make a difference
The world is full of evil

I'm going to search for just our future
I can't escape my passion, so I embrace it
My heart has pounded ever since we met
I can remember
I'll certainly set it up
So we'll meet in our future
That's how it is, I couldn't pretend that I could see what's ahead
I don't know what tomorrow will bring, never end

If you imagine, you can reach out anywhere, without stopping
I want to run with you until we can see the horizon
We'll make memories
There's no helping our feelings of love
Never end

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