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Romaji Title: gomoji no ito
Kanji Title: 五文字の糸
English Title: A 5 Character Thread

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The reason that "I love you" and "good bye" are referred to as 5 character words in this song, is because that the Japanese phrases "ai shiteru" ("I love you") and "sayounara" ("Good bye") are in fact 5 hiragana characters. So though it doesn't necessarily make sense when translated into English, there isn't really much to be done about that!

The 5 characters in "I love you" are a thin and long stretching thread
Little by little, it's coming untied from the spool of thread in my heart
That thread gets twisted and tangled midway through
Yet it frantically goes toward you who have left, instead of me

A shadow growing distant...or something; I can't make such a beautiful comparison
But there's one thing that I have to tell you

I love you, I love you, I love you, I can't find any other
Words to express myself with
I'm still here, hoping that my feelings will change the shadows, and reach you

The 5 characters in "Good bye" become needles that pierce my heart
Sewing up that crack in my heart, I try to lock it away

My rash behavior was whittling you down
Little by little, wasn't it? Now I've realized it

Good bye, good bye, goodbye, I'm next to you
Take half a step forward, my hand is up ahead
Feeling just a little bit of worry, I'm still here

I love you, I love you, I love, but
Good bye, good bye, good bye, you've already
Taken a step forward; My hand isn't necessary
The 5 character thread is interrupted, but I'm still here

I'm still here...

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