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Bump Of Chicken

Romaji Title: harujion
Kanji Title: ハルジオン
English Title: White Daisy

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujiwara Motoo作詩・作曲:藤原基央

"harujion" is what the Japanese call a white daisy, specifically what is sometimes called the "Philadelphia daisy".

I was making a rainbow; When I reached out my hand, it disappeared
Hanging up a tin plated watering can, the early afternoon stood stock still
It had a name, didn't it; That white, tall flower
Out of the corner of my eye it was blooming, as though it had been forgotten

In my faded memories that are growing hazy
I'm able to remember only one thing: That forgotten flower

When was it? On that day that I soaked my wounds
Amidst the blurred scenery, it was swaying without blurring
When was it? On that day that I lied to myself
As though singing with the wind, it was swaying to the correct rhythm

It's always suddenly at my side right away, before I know it
At any given time, it was white and swaying; Was it for me? What is it for?

When you've lost the meaning of life
When you've forgotten my self worth
Look, you can see a swaying white flower
I'm able to remember only one thing: It swaying, unbroken

I was making a rainbow; I wanted to try and touch it once
When you grow up, you laugh through your nose at your hopes and dreams
Anyway, everyone repeats themselves without noticing it
Even when I grow up, I'll make a rainbow and reach out my hand

I ask the person that passed through so many landscapes
What is it that moves you now? What color is that? What location?

I dropped my dreams somewhere
I put a great distance between myself and my hopes
Look, even now it's a swaying white flower
I didn't realize that I knew the color and location

I was making a rainbow; Before I knew it, the flower had withered
There are nothing but countless puddles in my field of vision
Something important was withering away without a sound
The tin plated watering can was full of tears

I'm making a rainbow; I'm doing it repeatedly as though clinging to it
I reach out my hand, even while realizing that it's untouchable
It had a name, didn't it; That white, tall flower
I know that it's withered; It was blooming for me

I'm too slow to realize it, I've lowered my eyes
I've grasped a hold of a small sprout in a puddle, a new sprout

I've found the meaning of life again
My self worth has now been born

Even if it withers, a flower that won't wither will bloom
It will spread its roots deeply inside of me

Look, a white flower is swaying right here
I didn't realize that I had forgotten its name
If it sways inside of me
It will sway unbroken; My faith is unwavering

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