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Romaji Title: Mellow Mellow
Kanji Title: メローメロー
English Title: Mellow Mellow

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miura Koushi作詩・作曲:三浦康嗣

The afternoon that has changed colors is getting undivided into the rhythm, so let's head out into the brilliant city
When your lovely hair flutters in the wind, I'm excited by its sweet scent
With a manner of walking that's like jumping from one dream to another, I run until I get to the side streets

I remember your peach colored skin on nights when I'm alone, and play in my feelings
Your stomach showing just a bit is really sexy, and I easily get a nose bleed from it
Once I've forgotten about that, the melancholy comes and presses on
I don't necessarily think that it's a futile thing

Sometimes close, sometimes apart; What are you planning with this aimless game?
I want to arrive at your flower petals
Groups of buildings are suffering by ones and twos, in the lighted sky
It's really nothing, it really doesn't matter

I'll talk with you a lot about anything, with alcohol
After we've talked about everything we can, I want to be one with you
And before we know it, we'll fall asleep together
When we wake up, it will definitely already be evening

When I'm done raising my serious head, I'm in a dreamy mood again
I bring back a pizza, wash up, and before I know it it's dawn
Let's go

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