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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: aoi sora
Kanji Title: 青い空
English Title: Blue Sky

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi作詩・作曲:太志

The setting sun dyes the city orange, I take a big sigh
The wind set people free to the future, people hid their sadness in the wind
Especially in tough times, I try to laugh; I'm an animal that's so positive that it's sad
Today too, people go through their lives engrossed in their hopes
Amidst all that, have resolution; Have a greatness that isn't visible to the eye
You can't let you cheeks get wet so easily; That's right, that's what I was taught
In times when I lived my life seriously, and just fought seriously
It can't be helped, I don't think it's necessary to be ashamed of things that are spilled
Continuing to straightforwardly follow your dreams
If you grow to love someone straightforwardly, it's sometimes hard; If you sit down then you won't fall
Yet in the gaps between our various happiness's and sadness's
We laugh as we cry, collapse as we walk
In order to one day be able to be proud of myself, I hold my head up high today too

Time passed by so reliably, and we've grown up
People grow up from partings rather than meetings
Lessons learned always come too late, and they mature people
People can change; I hurry along in order to try and change, getting wet from the rain
Sometimes the night is endlessly deep; Even though I'm walking, it seems like I can't move ahead
I'm feeling like I've been left behind
But no matter how strong a person is, it's always the same
They live their lives repeating hope and despair

It's like everyone
Wanders about reflecting the overly blue sea and overly high sky in their hearts
Making words bloom, shedding tears, searching for happiness, they're living their lives

Scattering dreams to the sun and soaking up the light, I expanded the continuation of my dream
Everyone has that kind of a balloon, and they want to set it into the sky
But they don't want it to sink in the sky
It seems like I'm going to lose to this world called "reality", yet somehow I tumble forward
Living things weren't given a boredom called eternity
So that's why we can live our lives with everything we've got
There isn't one single strength, there isn't one single kindness
Encountering all sorts of versions of myself, I'm tumbling through the limited time that I have

It's like people
Wander about reflecting the overly blue sea and overly high sky in their hearts
Making words bloom, shedding tears, searching for happiness, they're living their lives...
I'm praying that I'll wear the future on my face in the overly blue sky, in the overfly high sky
Fighting against tomorrow, shaking free from tears, I'll just move forward in the wind

A single feeling, countless questions
The talking scenery, a silent shadow picture
A single encounter, eternal homework
The quiet sea, the quiet sky
People gaze out at those things

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