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Romaji Title: 100,000hp
Kanji Title: 100,000hp
English Title: 100,000hp

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nishimura Shinya作詩・作曲:西村晋弥

I was growing lonely with this series of chance encounters
Even on those nights when I was petrified, I was only thinking about the same thing
With the intuition of Ultra C, we'll meet again soon
Behaving in a way that I don't notice this series of fruitless efforts

Hey look, the sky looks like it's about to rain
I still have time now

Surpassing everything, like the wind, pulling at your slender arm
A long jump just isn't quite enough, so I'll fly fly fly
Those flower like eyes, the decorated arch, crossing a rainbow bridge
If it seems about to break after a little while, then again I'll fly fly fly

On mornings when I literally wake up to the alarm clock
Carrying out the lingering memory of my dreams, I head out into the city

You're not here, not here, are you safe there right now?
For you, I'll be there any time

I'm trying to fight against anyone, with my iron body
The truth is that I'm sometimes weak, and I hate pain
I search for what I'll talk to you about the next time we meet, and now I'm faltering a bit
Yet right now, I want to see even just a single glance; I want to see it, I want to see it

Even now, at the end of my dream that seems about to disappear

Surpassing everything, like the wind, running recklessly
You and I are still unbalanced, but we'll try try try
Those flower like eyes, a misty march, crossing a creaking bridge
If they scatter, then at least let it be like the cherry blossoms; Swaying, swaying, swaying
Fly fly fly, fly fly fly

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