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Ouyang Feifei

Romaji Title: Love Is Over
Kanji Title: ラブ・イズ・オーヴァー
English Title: Love Is Over

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Itou Kaoru作詩・作曲:伊藤薫

Love is over, it's sad
But let's end it, because it's endless
Love is over, there's no reason for it
Just one, for you

Love is over, the time will come when
You'll be able to laugh and talk about the mistakes of being young
Love is over; Don't cry, you're a man, right?
Hurry up and forget about me

I won't forget about you
No matter who holds me, I won't forget about you
Because I think that this is definitely my final love

Love is over, I'm alright with
Being your charm, quietly in your heart
Love is over, in the end you can't
Deceive yourself about a single thing

Don't give yourself over to alcohol or anything
Take a good look at your true self
There's definitely a person for you

Love is over, it's sad
Hurry up and leave, and don't look back
Love is over, uh...
Take care of yourself, love is over...

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