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Romaji Title: Allegro
Kanji Title: アレグロ
English Title: Allegro

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Ooki Nobuo

The first thing that I noticed was atop a hill
When the city's thin and hazy breath came to a stop

Flowing harshly, the flow was strangely quick
Cutting my arms right down the middle as I shook terribly

Faintly dizzy, a smile floats faintly in the sky that is growing foggy

In your hands you're grasping a sound that shakes fleetingly and weakly
Everyone has one thing that they avidly protect

In the dyed and stirring sky, a bell sounds out in allegro
The wind turns into sound and plays, the water looks up to spirit and trembles

That sound sparkles, cutting through things like shape
So that one day it will shine down on what's ahead, so that it will shine down reassuringly

In other words, I realized that your prayers were quietly passing by from the beginning

This rusty sound is a requiem that will not yet stop
I realize that I don't have time to be trembling

You can't win by standing still; When you triumph, it's all over
A bell sounds out in allegro; It echoes out so strongly

That allegro bell is now shining down on my seething strength

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