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Romaji Title: White Eyes
Kanji Title: White Eyes
English Title: White Eyes

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Gackt.C 作詞・作曲:Gackt.C

Catching the mad moon, I hold it in my hands, I'm frightened of the sky
Until my voice reaches, I won't allow the dawn

All of your words...
All of your actions...
They're just too fleeting to me

You never touched the hand that I held out
We kissed each other, you were so cold
No matter how many times I continue to scream your name
No one can erase the sadness, lying thick around me

I trembled in the sin of continuing to make even us finding one another into a mistake

All of my feelings...
All of my heart...
They can't forget you, even now

You who love the sky at dawn
In the end, the tears that you showed, held up to the light
You showed me
Who you were

Building sadness, that no one can stop
Fall as far as it takes, deeper
No matter how we suffer, we won't be seperated
Until my body rots, it won't be taken away by anyone

My dear, fly high into the sky
Turning a silver color, embraced by the earth
Whenever I look up, you're smiling
One day, we'll meet again in the sky

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