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Hamasaki Ayumi

Romaji Title: A Song for XX
Kanji Title: A Song for XX
English Title: A Song for XX

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hamasaki Ayumi
Music : Hoshino Yasuhiko

Why am I crying?
Why am I lost?
Why am I stopping?
Hey, tell me
When will I grow up?
How long is it alright to stay a kid for?
Where did I run from?
And hey, where will I run to?

I had nowhere to go, I couldn't find my place
I didn't know if I could have hopes for the future

I was always told "you're a tough kid"
I was praised with "How great that you don't cry"
I didn't wish for any of those words
So I pretended that I didn't understand

Why am I laughing?
Why are you with me?
Why are you leaving?
Hey, tell me
How long have I been strong?
How long have I felt weakness?
How long do I wait
For the day that we can understand each other to come

The sun is rising, it's about time that I got going
I can't stay in the same place forever

Trusting a person means being betrayed one day
I thought of it as the same thing as being spurned
Back then, I didn't have that kind of strength anywhere
I definitely knew a little too much about different things

I was always told "you're a tough kid"
I was praised with "How great that you don't cry"
The more that everyone around me spoke in that way
The more painful it grew to even smile

Being born alone and going through life alone
I thought that every day filled with that was certainly a normal thing

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