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Romaji Title: taiyou no mannaka e
Kanji Title: 太陽の真ん中へ
English Title: To the Center of the Sun
Anime: Eureka Seven Opening

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Tsutsumi Shinichi

This song was the third opening theme to the anime "Eureka Seven".

Someone's calling out "Look at me now"
The weather vane is telling me his whereabouts
Midway to the hill where I sit
I muttered "I wish I could fly"

Dreams that are never ending, and the present that has an end

Days that I won't forget, days that I'd like to forget
Will I be able to laugh and say that I became more carefree
From the loneliness of losing more things?

I wanna fly away, searching for answers

I've noticed that my mistakes and regrets have turned into wings
I feel the wind throughout my body, and now I spread my arms

I could probably fly to the center of the sun right now
Escaping from the sad night, I can probably fly even more
I can fly away

The bird cage that I made with pride and vanity
Now I'm going to kick it away
An instant's impulse is an eternity's upheaval
When I fly away from there, I'll say "Look at me now"

Fly high, sadness and joy will become my strength
Repeating mistakes become the light of progress

Even if your wings are tattered, you should just fly in your own way
To the center of the sun
I can fly away

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