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Romaji Title: I'll be the one
Kanji Title: I'll be the one
English Title: I'll be the one
Anime: Hikaru no Go Opening

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : HLNA
Music : Satou Atsushi

This was the 2nd opening theme song to the anime "Hikaru no Go".

These eyes will see through whatever things
Are reflected in your eyes, and show you the truth

How many dreams do we carry through this era?
Are we betting them, as we cry and hesitate?
But yet, finding a deciding factor that allows me to
Not be taken by others, I have my dreams in my hands

These eyes will see through whatever things
Are reflected in your eyes, and show you only the truth
Even if reality is cruel and seems to bury me
Things aren't going to end for me in a place like this

I'm so strong that I try seeking out fights
But right now I'm in love; You, who are so loveable, are here
What can I do with you that way?
But you know, I always say nothing but selfish things

Don't look away, just look at me
I want to be with you forever, so the joy of
Meeting someone I love will turn into pain
At the moment I wave my hand and say "Bye"

Is it alright to believe that the person that is
Reflected in your eyes is me? Even on a day that we're apart

For the colors that are reflected in your eyes
To be the same as mine; Yes, that's what I'm wishing for
I'm not sure if there's such a thing as eternity
But right now...let's walk together

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