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Every Little Thing

Romaji Title: sakura bito
Kanji Title: サクラビト
English Title: Cherry Blossom Person
Anime: Music Fighter Opening

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Kaori Mochida
Music : Kunio Tago
作詩:Kaori Mochida
作曲:Kunio Tago

This song was featured as the February 2008 ending theme to the Nihon TV program "sukkiri!", the February 2008 opening theme song to "Music Fighter", and also featured in a commercial for the music download service.

Somewhere far up ahead
I reeled in my memories

With what the wind
Told me in a soft whisper
My heart trembles

For as long as I can remember
I've followed you
And collected flower petals

I was tired of waiting for the spring

I'm wishing to see you
When I thought of you today too
The wind suddenly enveloped me
And dyed me in a cherry blossom color

I've decided to take a stand
Even if it's before frustrating memories

I'll never give up
Your heart will definitely
Live on

Time passes
And washes away
Everything is set free

You can live your life without searching

I'm wishing for happiness
I'm going to try calling out for you today too
Embracing the precious memories
Of the single petal in my hand
I entrusted it to the sky

Even though I want to see you, I can't
I want to protect you
Riding on the spring wind
I think of you today too

There's not one single thing
That is the same as another
Embracing the precious memories
Of the single petal in my hand
I entrusted it to the sky
I'll go with you

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