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Romaji Title: saikai ~story~
Kanji Title: 再会~story~
English Title: Reunion ~story~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Gackt.C 作詞・作曲:Gackt.C

"Story" was an instrumental track that appeared on Gackt's first solo mini-album "Miserable". This single version is one that was later released with lyrics put to it.
... kinda makes you wish for the old, good-lyric-writing Gackt again doesn't

Awoken by a faint light
A voice that seems to disappear with memories of a fleeting dream

The noise of a far away past
Projects that scenery that now I cannot see

Smiling by my side...there you are
That's right...I definitely remember it as if it were yesterday
That look that touched me more deeply than anyone else

The joy of shared things...
That miracle like encounter
Even the vestiges of us are deserted and disappearing

Inside of my fading memory
I want to hold you just one more time
I continue to shout your name to the point where it pains me
Until my voice dies

You who are looking down and trembling
I want to hold you in my arms
I realized that I want to protect you
More than anyone else in this world

I'll disappear in just a little while, but...
Even so, I won't want to let you go
I won't forget, to the point where it pains me
The days that enveloped you

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