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Romaji Title: mellow melody
Kanji Title: mellow melody
English Title: mellow melody
Anime: sola Ending

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hata Aki
Music : Odaka Koutarou

This was the ending theme song to the anime "sola".

The memories on faded pages
Are resurrected when I close my eyes
Let the prayers of an innocent girl
Take flight toward the sky of hope

I grieve, and time passes by so quickly
Even though I stand still, alone

I hum a song to protect my dreams
When people fall asleep
The desire to meet again one day
Is spun with the thread of love
The fairy tales that bring out kindness
You taught them to me
Let's softly return to the feelings from back then

Let's head out, clad in the wind
That I placed my courage to set off on
If your heart gets lost, look for the melody
That the girl sings of setting off on a journey

You call out in a warm voice
That seems to melt even ice

The dawn of melting snow is too dazzling
When I turn around, there's your smiling face
The day for us to meet again
Is definitely not far away, isn't that right?
If sadness were to turn into a star one day
Please grant the wishes that pile up inside of me
So that their radiance can fall to the ground

I hum a song to protect my dreams
Inside of these peaceful feelings
Is the soft thread of love that continues on to happiness
The fairy tales that speak of love
You taught them to me
Let's softly return to the feelings from back then

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