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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: GIFT
Kanji Title: GIFT
English Title: GIFT

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kazutoshi Sakurai
作詩・作曲:Kazutoshi Sakurai

This was the official theme song of the NHK broadcast of the Beijin Olympics from 08/08/2008 to 08/24/2008.

What's the prettiest color, I wonder?
What's the thing that shines the brightest, I wonder?
I was searching for the perfect gift
As I imagined you being happy

You say that you want to find your "true self"
You say that you want to know the "meaning of life"
But when my two hands give those things over
It would be nice if the puzzle was suddenly solved; I wonder if you'll accept them

I've wanted to give it to you for awhile
I was grasping a hold of it tightly
It's alright slushy, and the color has completely changed
You can't really compliment it or say that it's pretty, but...

Having such a challenge thrust at me as
"Answer in black or white"
In front of the wall that we hit
We are again lost, we're lost
But in the distance between black and white
Infinite colors are spreading out
While searching for a color that suits you, if I gave it a simple name
See, that would be the prettiest color
And now I'll give it to you

If I were to arrive ahead of the horizon
A new horizon would just spread out
When I ask my heart "shouldn't we stop now?"
I can hear an answer of "I want to keep on walking"

I can still somehow manage to carry
The luggage that increased before I knew it
I'll take yours too, so stay with me
With that alone, my heart would lighten

At the end of an endless journey
Who will be your "chosen one"?
If it isn't me
I'll take off running again, I'll take off running
The sunlight pours down
So therefore there are shadows
All of that holds meaning
If we give praise to one another
Then no matter where we go
We can feel the light

Now I'll give it to you, I wonder if you'll like it? Go on and take it
I was able to search for it because I was with you, so I should be the one thanking you

What's the prettiest color, I wonder?
What's the thing that shines the brightest, I wonder?
The gift that you gave me, you who I hold in my arms
It's always shining
In my heart forever, see?
It will continue to shine

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