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Romaji Title: REPLY
Kanji Title: REPLY
English Title: REPLY

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : HIKARI

To whom I'd loved
The silver watch that I got from you
Even now I'm still asking it questions like this
A broken day is carved into it

To think that the seasons don't change, this era's lost on me
The feelings that I so easily threw away light up, don't they?

If you were at my side smiling right now
What look should I then have on my face?
Why should I tell you about the days that continue to tangle together?
I don't know of any town to unravel them

You knew about my
Overly vague and distorted intentions
Yet you were kind to me

I pretend a lot that there's not a single confusing thing for me
Having a high spirited youth in my heart really hurts

I'm gradually getting used to the changing scenery
In this town that doesn't have you in it
I'll sing of days in which I'm too helpless, like this
I don't need overly beautiful lies anymore

The word "worthless" that you laughed out one day
Won't stop whirling my heart around
I'll just sing now, so that that light that is quietly flickering
Will never go out

If you were at my side smiling
I wouldn't want anything else
But I pray that you challenge your unchanging fate
Beneath the sky that I can't reach

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