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Romaji Title: solar wind
Kanji Title: solar wind
English Title: solar wind
Anime: Kiba Ending

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nishimura Shinya

This was the second ending theme song for the anime "Kiba".

My head was shaken awake, and the sunlight reaches me the first thing after rising
White Cumulonimbus clouds float in the sky
An appearing and disappearing Z, the color of the moon shakes the midday
My dreams are released after the rain

Racing down this road, what are we chasing right now?
If I were to stop and suddenly look back
The colors of the city would be changing

Opening up your hands that are held up over your head, it looked like the sun was going to get them
Melt your gloomy memories into the sky
Tossing off your thick jacket, you took off running; So 6, 7, 8
Reving up a nonexistent wind, take off and go right now!

I hope to gain something instead of just wearing my shoes out
But the wearing out always happens first

Instead of losing your way in what's ahead, search for the beat and this one moment

Headed toward tomorrow, even though the sun still isn't visible
Strain your eyes to see to the very end of the horizon
Fly again, take a step forward; If you're hesitating, 6, 7, 8
Reving up a nonexistent wind, take off and go right now!

When you're lost just close your eyes amidst the stopped time
Grab onto your fluttering wings and hold onto them tightly

Push out with your grasping hands, it's like you can break the sun
Send your gloomy memories flying into the sky
Try again, take a step forward; If you're hesitating, 7, 8, 9
Make your voice sound out to the heavens and go!

Take off and go right now!

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