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Romaji Title: One Love
Kanji Title: One Love
English Title: One Love

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : youth case
Music : Katou Yuusuke
作詩:youth case

This is the theme song to the movie "Hana yori Dango Final".

I want to tell you, but I won't; Sometimes I just can't be myself
We, who have passed through seasons of crying, are shining very bright right now

The forms of happiness that each of sketch out overlap
And now, they become a big love
Let's live our lives together, forever

I swear that I'll still love you 100 years from now; You're everything to me
To the person who I believe in, I just believe in, and who I carve out the same time with
No matter what you're like, or what I'm like, everything is precious to me
If you're here, I don't need anything; Because I'll definitely be happy

I was waiting for you in the rain, without even knowing the meaning of kindness
The night that I got hurt when I happened to see you; Yet, we've come this far

Our irreplaceable meeting is connected to a miracle
Our memories overlap with one another
Our first song sounds out

To my friend who supported me at any given time, and who I laughed and cried with
The words that I give to you with all my heart are "thank you"

I swear that I'll still love you 100 years from now; You're everything to me
I love you, I just love you; Let's promise that we'll both share the same tomorrow
I chose you as the only person for me in the world
If I'm with you then the future will always shine, no matter what kind of future it is

La la la...

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