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Siam Shade

Romaji Title: NEVER END
Kanji Title: NEVER END
English Title: NEVER END

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Lyrics & Music : SIAM SHADE

It feels like I'm going crazy every day
I like to kiss, but I never have the chance
The day in which I catch up with the overly fast wind stream, is coming to an end

Sometimes when I leave this town, I get to following my dreams
But I just want to touch your smile
I just want to show you something to be proud of; Unceasing emotion

I want to hold you back endlessly, warmly, nonchalantly
And incessantly, with a plain love
Taking the roundabout way, even though time is a bit limited
I want to be connected, never end

Why don't you know in my head?
If you can see through it, it's a simple love

How much of a feeling of ease would I get from throwing it all away, I wonder?
But I couldn't grow to hate all of it
You who are so proud, is so hateful; Emotion that can't be helped

Even though I love you so much that I want to scream
In some way, somehow, for some reason, it isn't reaching you
The moments that I'm at a loss burn in my feelings for you
More so than right now, never end

I want to carve in this time that won't come again
Just a little, for us to be together longer
Incessantly, with a plain love
For yearning, for dusk, for a pure you, never end

I want to tell you all of the sad feelings that I have
With an arrow of love nocked in my heart
The flaring flames of my heart seem to exceed the wind, and pierce it
They continue to run on, never end

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