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Uura Saeka

Romaji Title: My mirai
Kanji Title: マイミライ
English Title: My Future
Anime: Kekkaishi Ending

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Inaba Koshi

This was the third ending theme to the anime "Kekkaishi". Also, some notes about the first verse might be necessary. "Senior" is my chosen way to translate the word "senpai". It can mean one's senior at work or school, but in this case I believe it probably means a senior at school. Also "phone emails" refers to what many call "text messages". However in Japan they are known simply as "mail". Just by saying that, cellphone email/text messaging is basically implied. The line that I translated as "That's abuse of the language" also requires some explanation. In Japanese there is a word, "kotodama". It doesn't simply refer to a language itself, but rather the power that lies within words that make up a language. You could think of it more as the soul or spirit of a language.

Don't send me so many phone emails
I'm not going to do anything bad, so it's alright
Thanks for worrying about me
You're a very good senior

You have broad experience and anticipate everything
But stop right here

I don't particularly dislike you, but sometimes you might wear me out a little

With a look that says "it's for you"
Enthusiastic at the other end of the table
Why are dark predictions the only things you tell me?
That's abuse of the language

With crisis prevention, nothing will happen and nothing can be learned (What's that mean?)

You're not the only one who builds my future
I do too, that's just common sense
In my weak state, I can't go anywhere
So I train myself so hard that I cry, hey hey

If you grieve for the coming of a relentless era (If that's even true)
Please don't spoil me anymore than is necessary
Please, please, please

Things will steadily get better

Whether my future tastes good or is disgusting
I'm going to savor it with my entire body
I stand firm with wisdom in this unsteady world
I'll obtain it, even if I bleed
You've been watching over me since we parted
It's kind of weird that I want to hold you, hey hey

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