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Romaji Title: hoshi no suna
Kanji Title: 星の砂
English Title: Sand Of The Stars

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Gackt.C 作詞・作曲:Gackt.C

Things fall deeply silent...the sky that envelopes us and your body
That is burned by the sun, dissapears
What am I wandering about searching for? All by myself...

As I hold on to the hatred within my cold eyes
No matter matter how much I curse myself, the pain won't go away
I hold on to the sadness of living forever

I can only continue to think of you who have disappeared
My feelings for you are unchanging
Even now, so very deeply,
Yes...I love you

Bathed in the moonlight, even your name that I hummed to myself
Is swept off by the wind

Continuing to sing the song that you taught me, smiling in the daybreak
I was counting the tears that will return to the starry sky
The night repeated over and over again
Ah, even now, so very deeply
Yes...I love you

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