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Porno Graffitti

Romaji Title: mienai sekai
Kanji Title: 見えない世界
English Title: Invisible World

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Okano Akihito

The boy had big plans
He thought that they could all come true
Without thinking about the speed at which he ran
He went on racing, thinking of nothing but what was ahead

But in the world that is becoming visible little by little
There are a lot of invisible things

A reality that exceeds our imaginations will make us falter
I didn't think that we'd bring this kind of pain along with us
Even though the ideals that we draw out for ourselves are small
They aren't things that will easily and quickly be at our sides

I've already begun being a captive
Into a cramped and suffocating cage

Being too certain of invisible things
Surely halted reality

We should be able to drag ourselves up from an SOS
We're definitely scared of bringing pain with us
The form of a person with a firm and unbroken heart in hand
Is nothing but mud smeared and beautiful

Unable to grasp ahold of a reality that exceeds our imaginations, before our ideals
In the rain that has begun to fall from the sky and mischief caused by the overly strong wind
Before the sadness and hatred in the hearts of changing people
In this era that has lost track of love, the difficulty of discovering love
A reality that exceeds the imgination forces a boy to grow
No matter what kind of pain he takes with him, he'll be able to walk on
The ideals that a boy draws out for himself change shape like the moon
But they'll always be there in the sky

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