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DJ Ozma

Romaji Title: Lie-Lie-Lie
Kanji Title: Lie-Lie-Lie
English Title: Lie-Lie-Lie
Anime: Naruto Shippuuden Ending

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : DJ OZMA
Music : Futatatsu

This was the theme song to the 4th "Naruto Shippuuden" movie.


She says Good-bye
I had a feeling, basically
In the twilight

I say Good-bye
Complaints are just nonsense
You're no kid

You cried (cried), cried (cried), cried (cried)
Lie Lie Lie
I knew (knew)
That it had nothing to do with love or romance

She says Good-bye
An actress whos farewell is even picturesque
In my eyes

I say Good-bye
You're so beautiful that it makes me sigh
In the moonlight

You cried again (cried), cried (cried), cried (cried)
Lie Lie Lie
So that's why I said (said)
Sorry, but you're boring; So bye bye

Adios mi amore
Never mind good vibes, I'll take to the streets of Eden today too, in one dive
Worthless eternal Midnight
My life, and one day My wife
The sad ruins of my dream that I played dumb with
Fleeting and naive, our archives
There's no meaning behind it, and no reason's just not enough, it's just enough, you're not here anymore's not enough after all, it's not enough after all, you're not here anymore

I really cried (cried), cried (cried), cried (cried)
Cry Cry Cry
I cried (cried)
The truth is that I have no one but you, no one, no one

Oh...I just cried (cried), cried (cried), cried (cried)
Cry Cry Cry
I'm a liar (liar)
Lie-La-La Lie-La-La Lie Lie Lie


Lie Lie Lie...

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